IPNetSwitch is a network tool to change the IP network configuration of your computer. With IPNetSwitch you can manage different network configurations. With 'Set IP' you set this IP address to the selected network interface. In the display window you see your actual network configuration.


IPNetSwitch is provided as FREEWARE. We do not offer support for this software. Any suggestions, feedbacks and comments are welcome, perhaps we integrate your ideas into the software voluntarly. Everybody can dowload this tool and use it.

IPNetSwitch104.exe      Version 1.04 for Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Windows 7
On Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 you have to start the software as Administrator
(right mouse click on desktop icon -> 'run as administrator')


If you like IPNetSwitch and think, that it really helps doing your daily work, please send us as much money you want to:

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Release Notes

Version 1.04 2007/07/05 - Should work on Vista now

Version 1.03 2004/09/13 - Keyboard Shortcuts
- Tab Order changed

Version 1.02 2004/07/29 - Last interface is selected automatically when starting IPNetSwitch

Version 1.01 2004/05/07 - Improved refresh of status window
- UnInstaller asks now if the configs shall be deletet from the registry

Version 1.00 2004/05/05 - First released version