Using your full potential

You focus on leading cybersecurity solutions and are therefore laying the foundation for extensive, effective protection of your network, data, and applications. But is that really enough? Maybe you would like to have a local distributor and partner who can contribute to your lasting success with its prestigious services? A partner who can competently and extensively support you not just in the sales and consulting process but also in the areas of logistics and support, marketing and business development? A partner who sets records in the area of education and training and who is committed to aspects such as services and added value? In short, a partner who you can rely on long-term?

With BOLL you have the support of a locally based, competent, and committed partner who will provide you with all the "ingredients" to be successful and stay successful in the competitive, dynamic IT security market. BOLL offers comprehensive services which far outstrip typical distribution packages. The services are provided by 100 percent experienced staff, including business development, custom marketing and sales services, tech and logistics services as well as high-quality training and certification courses at its in-house premier "Authorized Training Center" (ATC). The engineering of client- and product-specific add-ons as well as the customizing of complete projects is also worth mentioning. With this combination of groundbreaking products and solutions with extensive services, BOLL creates sustainable added value for the channel business. BOLL stands for added value, for long-standing, experienced staff, for broadly supported expertise, and for impressive commitment. Go for it.